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My Wish Came True (one at least…)

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New term, new classes. I’m already into the third module, but with the Christmas break and all, hey, this is the first chance I’ve taken to talk about them. The classes are “Graduate Studies of Gender and Text” and “Graduate Studies of Shakespeare.” I made a point of taking these two classes together because 1) in Shakespeare theater, males had to play female parts. I figured that would lend to my discussions concerning gender. 2)The women in Shakespeare seem kind of “paper-like.” By that I mean most of the women play superficial roles – there isn’t much depth to many of them. There ARE glaring examples of the OPPOSITE case being true, such as Portia in “The Merchant of Venice” and Beatrice in “Much Ado About Nothing.”

I already had one mystery raise its head, though, in my Gender class. I was docked points for having the wrong indention on the beginning of my paragraphs. I tried to discuss it with my prof, but I’m still confused. We use the MLA Writing Guide which dictates one inch margins. Once those margins are set and one wishes to begin a paragraph, one indents one half inch. Those have been the settings on my tabs since I began school. No other prof has had an issue with my papers. I receive a note back advising me to indent “five spaces” when starting a paragraph. Five spaces DO NOT equal a half inch. I attempted to explain this to my prof, but was told to not spend time worrying about it.

Goodness knows whether or not I ever will get to become a teacher or professor. One thing I know for sure, though, is that when a student asks me a question or points out a mistake that I made, I will acknowledge the mistake and take pains to not let it happen again. I consult the darn MLA Handbook before I submit ANY assignment – even my Discussion Board posts. I guess I should just be glad that I’m increasing in my confidence and abilities as a writer. If only ANYONE OUT THERE would see that and wish to employ me in some way….hint, hint!



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