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Capstone Idea

So, here it is…last class of my long ride into Academia…supportive wife, kids and friends…awesome prof and classmates…I thought I had posted at least my ideas, but since I didn’t, I’ll share them now…
First, I plan to use ellipses in this post…deal with it…
I plan to explore dystopian novels…open with Oscar Wilde’s quote, “Life imitates Art much more than Art imitates Life”…consider that Art is based on the imaginary and leads to invention…by that plain logic, Imagination preceeds Creation which happens prior to
life…specific novels I will examine are Anna Bowman Dodd’s The Republic of the Future, Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro…all three are excellent…
An important point I may need to address is “One person’s dystopia is another person’s utopia”…or is it?
It would seem that the elites or those possessing “true knowledge” in each novel should be in their utopia…I certainly hope to discern this and many more seeming contradictions or internal conflicts…should be fun!