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‚ÄčI would like to make a special “shout out” to Celeste who should be checking out my website any day now.

In the crazy days we find ourselves, in the maelstrom of a bitterly contested political three ring circus, it’s vital to stop and reflect. Family and friends have diminished in importance to the degree that a simple card has become a gift. The family has become so decentralized that mountain ranges, deserts and oceans have replaced the small picket fences. Siblings who were once inseperable are now lucky if they have contact a few times a year.

Time moves ever onward. It carries us along. Our truest treasures are those rare people we meet who knew us for a span years, part ways and yet reenter our lives much later. Long after the skinned knees have healed, after the babies are born, after mutual friends have died. With bodies ravaged by time, these people come to us and we talk. We lose our current troubles, aches and pains. In our mind, we become young. Our laughter is child’s laughter. Our thoughts are young and mischievous again…

Then we part again… smiling…knowing…reassured that time’s fingers have touched us…the path has become shorter…the end is there…somewhere…our hearts are the steam engines chugging along…taking us to the inevitable last stop…

But oh so wonderful sights along the way! What splendid landscapes, raging seas, booming thunder! Carressing breezes, gentle rain, feathery snow. A new child’s laugh, a widow’s cry, a new baby’s coo. Pure, true love. Scheming, black betrayal.

But who among us does not fantasize, with closed eyes and a calm grin, of returning to the very beginning and doing it all again?