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Seems I may finally be progressing toward my goal of teaching. I finished up the Substitute Education and Certification required by the local school district. Yesterday I went to Orientation for another district. My email with information for my fingerprinting came about the same time I finished the orientation course and that’s a good thing.

So, I don’t know how many other folks actually go through all the slides and complete all the assignments, but I appreciate the refreshers on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Bloom’s Taxonomy. The course also touched on Glasser’s Reality Theory and Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Development. All good stuff, so I shouldn’t complain.

Now, if I can try to keep all that stuff somewhere up in my cranium and use it whenever I get in front of students….  Hmm…


Substitute Teaching Packet – reflection on why I would want to substitute

So, finished my degree…got my application in to teach at a few districts in the area…and it’s right back to an online orientation course for Substitutes. Hey, no biggie. I’m used to the online thing by now. I figured I would share on my blog my answers for my reflections in that course. Hey, it worked on my degree program, why wouldn’t it work here? As always, comment away and, as always, if ya just wanna hire me, I’m here!

Series 1 asks, “Why do you want to become a substitute teacher?”

I have long desired to teach. Certain life events prevented me from actively pursuing that goal until now. Between 1998 and 2013, however, I spent the majority of time teaching military personnel of all ranks. My favorite moments as a military instructor was when I would see the “lights come on” in a student’s eyes when they understood a concept or overcame a challenge that they had with course material. I still remember quite a number of those experiences and fondly recall the joy of helping students progress.

During the periods when I was not actively working as an instructor, I had jobs that required me to perform extensive research, conduct briefings and interact with others from diverse backgrounds and cultures. From November 2013 until recently, I worked on and attained my Master of Arts degree in English. The time has finally arrived that I have the requisite education and time to pursue my life-long dream of teaching. The only question for me to consider is what level I would like to teach. I believe that spending time as a substitute teacher will allow me to experience a broad range of student behavior that will grant me the insight to wisely choose if I wish to pursue a second career educating our nation’s youth or if I wish to earn my Doctorate and work at the college and university level.

The most personal reason I have for teaching, and this stands true regardless of the student’s age, is that I firmly believe that within our nation, at this time, men are more absent from the home than they need to be. My father was frequently away, but he was home on weekends and I have very fond memories of time with my father in our home. Many youth today do not have that. I can provide an example in my classroom and be a positive influence on our students.