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This isn’t important, but had me scratching my head a bit tonight.

My wife and I watched Young Frankenstein, the Mel Brooks spook on horror movies. While watching it, however, I kept seeing things that were almost exactly like the filmed version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Now, I understand that both films were spoofs and both films were made about the same time – Young Frankenstein in roughly 1974 and Rocky Horror in 1975, though the Horror show was on stage long before that.

Was Brooks giving a nod to the play?

Both plays have engaged couples who end up with different partners. The monster has sex in both movies. The henchman is hunch-backed. Magenta and Frau Blucher (horse whinny) are counterparts – the don’t really have much of a role, but Blucher plays violin, Magenta has a guitar in her room and she does ring the gong when dinner is served, thus summoning everyone just as Blucher (horse whinny) summons the monster.

The laboratory actions are almost all the same, including raising the monster up to the ceiling and bringing him back down. Also, Frankenfurter kicks Riff Raff when he’s turning a wheel, Frankenstein does the same to Igor. Riff Raff tortures Rocky (the monster) with candles causing the monster to break free and run amok. A constable teases Frankenstein’s monster with fire and the monster breaks free.

Rocky Horror has a floor show, Young Frankenstein has Gene Wilder and the Creature singing and dancing on stage. The tap-dancing mirrors Columbia. The investigator in each film has lost the use of at least one limb – the inspector has a wooden arm in YF, Dr. Scott (or should I say VON Scott) is in a wheelchair.


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