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Just when I thought…

Been substituting a LOT in grades 3-6 and with the special needs kids. I never thought that I had enough patience to work with those groups, but I really love it. At the end of the day my face hurts from smiling and laughing so much.

So, I’m thinking, “Forget high school – those kids don’t really care and you can’t get through to them.”

While I’m “signing out” today, I was telling the secretary how excited I was to get to work with a 3rd grade reading class. A young woman walks in and asked where a club was meeting. She sees me, her face brightens into a big smile, “You helped me with that poem.” I respond, “Which poem, which author?” She explains, “You were my sub that day in Mr. *’s class, reviewed my poem and told me how to improve it!” Bolt of recognition hits me, “That’s right – I remember you now! How did it turn out?” “Oh, well I got an A for that class but I submitted it for a scholarship competition. Now I’m waiting to hear back.” I say, “That’s great! It was a good poem – you’ll get it. Remember to just keep writing!” She says, “Oh, I will and thank you again for reading it and helping me improve it!” 

She is a senior, so will graduate in a month. I subbed in her class on one of my first assignments! That makes me feel pretty darn good.

Tomorrow I reenter pygmie-land to teach third grade reading! I can’t wait for the adventure!